Apple’s next big project – smart home robots

Humanoid robots remain a distant dream, with current models being expensive and limited to controlled environments. However, simpler home robots could be closer to reality. Apple, under the leadership of John Giannandrea, is reportedly working on robotics, but a humanoid Apple robot is at least a decade away. More feasible ideas include smaller robots that might follow users around or a robotic arm with a display.

Samsung’s Bot Handy and Ballie, and Amazon’s Astro, represent early attempts at home robots, though they have limited practical use. Focused, single-purpose robots like the Ring Always Home Cam show promise due to their predictability and specific functionality. However, robots still struggle with the unpredictable nature of real homes.

Generative AI might help robots learn tasks, but it’s a long way from solving the challenges of home robotics. For now, home robots will likely remain clumsy and limited in their capabilities.

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