Every new Apple iOS 18 AI feature leaked

Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is rumored to reveal major updates to Siri. According to a comprehensive leak, Siri will become more powerful and better at understanding natural language commands. Apple has been training Siri with vague commands to improve its interpretation skills, making it easier for users who don’t use specific syntax.

Highlights of the new Siri capabilities include:

  • Camera Control: Siri can control the camera, toggle video recording, set timers, and switch between front and rear cameras via voice commands.
  • Mail: Siri will enable voice-controlled email composition, scheduling, marking as junk, setting reminders, summarizing emails, and creating smart replies.
  • Photos: New photo editing features based on generative AI will allow for object removal, filling blanks, and applying filters.
  • Safari: Siri will provide webpage summaries and create tab groups or private tabs through voice commands.
  • Voice Memos: Users can create, save, and organize voice recordings hands-free.

However, not all features will be available immediately. Some will be announced at WWDC, but a full rollout may extend into 2025.

Read more – https://www.androidauthority.com/ios-18-siri-ai-features-3449908/

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