New Android feature will teach you to prevent overheating

Most Android phones manage overheating by regulating performance, but extreme conditions like direct sunlight can still cause issues. Pixel phones have built-in anti-overheating features such as throttling performance, slowing charging, and disabling certain functions. If the phone gets dangerously hot, it may turn off automatically.

Google’s new Adaptive Thermal feature in the Pixel’s Device Health Services app enhances these measures. When the battery reaches 49°C, a notification advises avoiding direct sunlight and closing battery-intensive apps. If the temperature rises to 52°C, more drastic actions are taken, and at 55°C, the phone warns the user before shutting down.

The feature, still in development, helps users manage overheating by providing guidance on cooling the phone. Future Pixel models and the rumored Tensor G5 chipset could offer improved thermal regulation.

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