Researchers: OpenAI Sky sounds like Scarlett Johansson

Researchers at Arizona State University found that Scarlett Johansson’s voice closely resembles “Sky,” OpenAI’s discontinued GPT-4o voice, with Johansson’s voice being more similar than 98% of other actresses. However, Anne Hathaway and Keri Russell’s voices sometimes resembled Sky’s even more. Johansson’s voice shares similarities in vocal tract length but is slightly more breathy, while Sky’s voice is higher-pitched and more expressive.

Despite OpenAI executives denying Sky was meant to sound like Johansson, Johansson revealed that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman had asked her to lend her voice to the model, which she declined. Johansson has hired legal counsel but hasn’t taken legal action against OpenAI. Legal experts suggest she could have a strong case if she chooses to sue.

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